Case Study: Atomicity helps manufacturing firm bring visitor and staff sign-in experience into the digital age

Company overview

Established over 30 years ago, GDS Technologies is a success story for UK manufacturing. Specialising in the design, manufacture and implementation of fixed gas detection systems, GDS products are deployed globally to offer personnel protection against toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gases.

The challenge

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, a key area GDS wanted to address was the privacy of data for visitors to its manufacturing facility. Like many other companies, GDS had a paper-based visitor book which on arrival visitors would sign. This solution was simple and cost-effective, yet it didn’t offer much in terms of privacy: visitors would have visibility of other visitors information (e.g. name, company and car registration) from earlier visits.

Once signed in, visitors would also need to read and agree to a list of site safety rules (particularity important for those visiting production areas). With the existing approach, managing acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules (and attributing them to visitors) was a further challenge.

During an initial workshop to discuss the challenges and requirements, it surfaced that the staff clocking-in system was also due for replacement. The existing system was not measuring clock-ins/clock-outs accurately, so it was felt that the data could not be relied on. Furthermore, for emergency evacuations, there was not an efficient way of determining an accurate depiction of who was on or off-site.

Our solution

As a high-tech company, GDS wanted a high-tech solution, so engaged Atomicity to procure and implement a digital visitor and staff management solution that could address the challenges highlighted above. It was determined early on in the process that data security, cost effectiveness and ease of use were of the utmost importance, and a shortlist of appropriate options was created. From the shortlist, a number of systems were briefly trialed with support from appropriate internal stakeholders.

Sign In App (by allthingscode) was determined to be the best-fit for GDS’s needs; their solution offered:

  • an exceptionally well-designed iOS app (Apple iPad had been determined as the preferred platform)
  • enhanced levels of privacy and security, preventing unauthorised access to personal data
  • an easy to configure management dashboard and portal that GDS could administrate themselves
  • a cloud-based solution, utilising UK-based data centres
  • equal-weighting to the visitor vs. staff experience
  • combined (visitor and staff) ‘fire list’, easily accessible by emergency fire wardens to determine those on or off-site
App screenshots, including site rules adherence screen, from the new visitor and staff sign-in solution

App screenshots, including site rules adherence screen, from the new visitor and staff sign-in solution

With the system selected, Atomicity worked with GDS to determine appropriate deployment options, such as the location of the devices, selection of secure wall-mounted brackets, as well assisting with procurement of the Apple devices and the Sign In App solution.

Atomicity configured the solution to GDS requirements and provided administrator user training to the relevant GDS personnel.

The results

  • A much-improved visitor and staff sign in/sign out experience
  • Private, secure, and accurate, visitor and staff attendance data
  • Confirmation of understanding and adherence to site rules and safety guidelines
  • Easy to access and operate emergency fire list

What our client says

“The process of selecting and installing a new staff clocking in device with combined visitor sign-in was simplified by Atomicity. Their assistance sped up the decision making process when choosing the right product. Furthermore their technical work in setting up the new device and training our users made the transition from the old system to the new one very smooth. Since installation GDS are very happy with the product and service we have received”

John Hicks, Production Manager, GDS Technologies Limited, November 2018

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